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People, Plants and Protected Areas
A Guide To In Situ Management
By John Tuxill and Gary Paul Nabhan with Elizabeth Drexler and Michael J. Hathaway

Conservation of plant resources is often focused on seed banks and botanical gardens. However, the authors of this volume present a comprehensive conservation strategy that complements this ex-situ approach with practical guidance on in-situ management and conservation of plant resources. The book aims to facilitate better management of protected areas and to illustrate new approaches to conservation of plants within their landscapes. It draws on concepts from forestry, the agricultural sciences, anthropology, ethnology and ethnobotany and should be useful to practitioners, academics and policy-makers.


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'This excellent guide brings conservation management firmly into the 21st century and is highly recommended for conservation managers and researchers.'

 Biological Conservation
There is an urgent need for this book, because managers are faced with the difficult task of conserving plant resources in landscapes used, and often crafted, by local people.

— Environmental Conservation
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